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Carriage Steel Doors :

Regular steel garage doors are quite common with many homeowners, and often times they choose the classic design simply because they don’t think of garage doors as important.However, there is a second option when it comes to the design of steel garage doors. If you’re looking to take the durability, lack of maintenance, and affordability of a steel door with a unique design, then carriage garage doors are just the perfect choice.Carriage garage doors originated over a century ago, back when there were no modern vehicles and people used carriages to carry loads. When storing vehicles, some individuals would use carriage houses with unique doors. The carriage garage doors were based on these designs.
Carriage garage doors can be made with steel or the traditional wood. Carriage steel garage doors provide several benefits including those of a steel garage door. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Durability, maintenance and affordability –Steel garage doors in general are made of excellent materials, steel brings a whole new level of durability allowing your garage door to withstand events in the craziest storms. The lack of maintenance required is another attractive quality,plus they are available for very affordable prices.
  • Wide range of designs–Carriage garage doors are unique designs that have been around for centuries, for good reason, they are appreciated by many people. If you’re looking to make your neighbours envious, this will do the trick.
  • Improved energy efficiency–A concern for some property owners is the insulation of their garage. Carriage garage doors are efficiently designed to keep the warm air in to reduce heating costs.

Carriage steel garage doors are an increasingly popular type of garage door. They bring back style from the past, while maintaining functionality. Not only are they sturdy, the design is unique and a classic. If you need more information regarding the carriage steel garage doors, please contact us at 905.552.0312.

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